Flower Review - MSIKU Nova Glue

Author: The Potery |


Reviewed by The POTery’s Potanist: Aaron

Product Name: Nova Glue (Hybrid)
Brand: Msiku
Lineage: GG4 x Cookies x Sour Diesel
Total THC/CBD: 20.00-26.00%THC//0.00-1.00%CBD
Total Terpenes: 3.25%
Terpenes Present: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene
Price: $38.94/3.5g//$11.13/g
Consumption Method: Bong w/ hemp-wick
Package Date: 26th November, 2021

“Nova Glue is unique in its heavy resin production and trichome density. Bright, refreshing citrus peel and cloves create a pleasant, festive flavour and aroma. Hang-dried and hand-trimmed to preserve aroma and flavours.”


Visual/Bag Appeal: 8/10 - The 1/8th of Msiku Nova Glue that I received for review (Package date : 2021-11-26, LOT # : 14070903201) included 4 buds total, all with beautiful foxtailing with a lot of trichome density. The smallest nug was slightly larger than a nickel, with the largest being around 1 and a half inches in diameter. The flower is a beige-green, with tinges of slightly darker green and brown-orange pistils. The freshness is superb, with very decent moisture content; but not so much that I would second guess their curing process. This also correlates to a nice sticky bud, which leaves its aroma on your finger tips.


Aroma: 9/10 - When I cracked the seal on the plastic container the first thing that I could smell was citrus, followed by hints of pine. This initially made me guess that this strain contains terpenes limonene and terpinolene. While, according to TheOCS there is no terpinolene or pinene I can still distinctly recognize a pine smell. If you like the smell of Lemon Haze this will be a nice step toward a more balanced hybrid for you. Honestly, I really like the way that this bud smells; typically I like citrus and floral smells, but as well as that pine-y smell. A side note: my favourite smelling strain is Black Cherry Punch, that stuff smells like candy straight up. With that said; Nova Glue is a fantastic pairing to something like that. The smell of this strain reminds me of a spring walk through the arboretum, next to the woods.


Flavor: 7/10 - The flavour is very faint, but I would much rather have a faint tasting strain than a strain that has a strong taste, but tastes like dirt. I find that flavour and quality of smoke are very intertwined; and that bad tasting strains often hurt my lungs and make me feel clogged up. Since the flavour is so vague, it is hard to pick out actual flavours. That being said, from what I can notice it is a woody and floral taste, with a hint of citrus.


Smoke: 8/10 - The most important thing when it comes to actually smoking weed is that it isn’t harsh, and doesn’t taste bad. While my sample of Nova Glue wasn’t bursting with flavour the smoke was very smooth. The only thing that could be better is if the terpene % was higher, thus enhancing flavour.


Effect: 7/10 - The actual effect of this strain is honestly mostly unremarkable. But, notice I am not saying that it is bad, it just isn’t really anything to do flips over. It is above average, so far from being bad, but it is just pretty much a typical mish mash hybrid. I’m not passing out from this weed, I’m not couch locked, but I’m also not productive or creative. It is uplifting, and it will help with body aches and relaxing while playing video games. Some strains like TGOD’s Organic Rockstar Tuna is a clear juxtaposition in hybrids, where it has been carefully bred to have specific effects. Maybe we will talk more about Rockstar Tuna in another review. The effects last just shy of 2 hours which is much better than some products out there on the market. I don’t find myself getting overtly burnt out like some indicas make me which is a huge plus.


Overall: 7.8/10 - Msiku’s Nova Glue is a very good product. It isn’t perfect, but it is high quality and fresh. You can tell that it is a well grown product, and you can tell that the genetics are fresh. I would say it is a good product for someone who is interested in craft bud, but don’t have the pockets to pay $60 for 3.5g like Ghost Drops. Nova Glue coming in at $38~ is mostly fair, because compared to some products that are slightly cheaper you can get a downright bad product, dry and harsh. So spending the extra money here I would say is worth it if you can afford it, because you can tell this is something that is grown with some degree of care and not just factory farmed. If you like a simple hybrid, this is a good strain, especially if you appreciate high quality.





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