Flower Review - Ritual Green - Lemon Haze

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Reviewed performed by The POTery's Potanist: Alex

Product Name: Lemon Haze
Brand: Ritual Green
Lineage: Lemon Skunk x Silver Haze
Total THC: 28.70%
Total terpenes: Unknown
Listed terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Terpinolene, Ocimene
Price: $34.51+tax/3.5g at The Potery Guelph
Method of consumption: Bong (with hempwick)

Visual/Bag Appeal: 5/10 - The flower came in a larger-than-necessary black plastic bag, almost devoid of unique branding (not in a minimalist way, just boring). When I broke the seal, I was met with disappointing small yet dense popcorn nugs. Roughly 10-15 smalls made up the 3.5g bag. A couple nugs made it into the “respectable bud” tier in that they were larger, more defined in shape and had a nice emerald colouring with subtle orange hairs covering most of the surface, but no trichomes were visible even on those. Obviously small nugs don’t necessarily mean a worse smoke, but specifically with regard to bag appeal, Lemon Haze just barely received a passing grade without further commendation.

Aroma: 7/10 - The smell of the buds was much more appealing. While more mellow and less room-filling skunk, the smell reminds me primarily of fresh flowers or vegetables. It almost smells “green” if that’s possible. A secondary whiff of the bag led me to pick up more spicy lemony notes underneath. Grinding the bud up only makes its dominant terpenes like caryophyllene more pronounced and enjoyable, and starts to smell more “pink” (in pure mental colour association, but also quite similar to Pink Kush coincidentally). This is your expected sativa aroma profile, very pleasing exactly as it is, but definitely room for more complex flavours.

Flavour: 8/10 - Once again, this section always takes at least a few bong tokes for me to really get an averaged sense of how the smoke tastes, but after a couple bowls I can say it tastes very fresh. It had a bit of that green scent I mentioned before, kinda leafy or “vegetably” in crude terms. Upon further research, I believe this might be the terpinolene and/or ocimene combining to leave that floral aftertaste in my mouth, which is much more pleasing than a charred, burnt aftertaste personally.

Smoke: 9/10 - The smoke was slightly milky but still incredibly smooth, an ode to its OCS craft cannabis designation. As with all bong tokes, it does take you a few seconds for your lungs to reset but I got away with only a single cough. The ash in the bowl was about an even mix of black and grey.


Effect: 9/10 - The effects hit very fast on this one. At first I felt a light, soothing pressure behind the eyes and my vision started to increase in saturation and focus. My mind was then very gently pulled up into the clouds almost if by the hands of a higher power. This might have been due to the fact this song had come on shuffle at the time (if you want an aural sense of my consciousness at that very moment, listen to: https://youtu.be/E3pmkPZIMk0). When the song finally converted from a tranquilizing ambient intro into a passionate, layered indie rock riff, I was able to switch energies instantly and pick out every single instrument as if the song had been physically pulled apart like a schematic diagram as it was playing. The nearly 29% THC level is no joke, this has the power to be a one-hit-quitter. While my mind felt like it was turned up to 11 and working at record speed, the Haze genetics kept any worries or tension at bay, and gave my body a slight buzz without the reduction in energy indicas tend to induce.



Overall: 7.5/10 - This is a heavy-hitting sativa that I would easily recommend to anyone able to handle incredibly high THC (25%+) strains. As often is the case, looks can be deceiving and a strain that appears to be mid for the price point can actually provide effects well-above expectations. That’s what happened here, and I’m pleasantly surprised with the result. It is a very mentally fuzzy strain for the amount of focus and uplifting functionality it allows you, so keep that in mind before heading off to social events or instances where you might want fuller mental clarity. However if you’re looking for a stimulating mid-hike treat or something to keep boredom at bay while doing house chores, this is your perfect candidate!


Till next time, cheers and happy toking!




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