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Reviewed by The POTery's Potanist - Alex


Product Name: Mule Fuel (Hybrid)


Brand: Sugarbud
Lineage: GMO x Lurch 
Total THC: 20.94%
Total Terpenes: 4.6%. Myrcene, Limonene, Pinene, Caryophyllene
Price: $38.94+tax/3.5g at The Potery Guelph
Method of consumption: Bong (with hempwick for maximum flavour)






"Mule Fuel is a prominent example of a terpene-rich Sugarbud exclusive cultivar phenotyped from our genetic library. With a strain lineage of GMO x Lurch, this myrcene dominant terpene profile is high in limonene, pinene and caryophyllene. Full dense buds with sticky sugary green and orange hues. Earthy and spicy with notes of meadow flowers and grass, citrus and pronounced fuel aromas. Hang dried and cold barrel cured for 28 days, meticulously hand-finished and packaged with care into glass jars."


Visual/Bag Appeal: 9/10 - I might have gotten lucky, but I was gifted with one large 3g+ nug and only one other tiny nug to top the jar up to 3.5g. That in itself was impressive. This is definitely “Instagram bud” in terms of being something you’d want to show off on your story. It was very dense, caked with visible trichomes and orange pistils. When I cracked it open with my fingers, I was met with even more sticky, white, resinous trichomes that lined the beige core of the nug, with the flower getting darker army green (almost black) near the exterior of the nug. It’s definitely darker than most other strains, but not in a bad way due to a poor grow or anything.



Aroma: 9/10 - This one is stinky but I can’t stop sniffing the glass jar. I can pick out three distinct smells, primarily an overarching tart candy-like sweetness, followed by an intense garlic-like sour/musky nose, and finally a spicy gassy diesel sting. This seems to line up quite closely with the strain’s terpenes I found listed on Sugarbud’s website (you can even look up the cannabinoid/terpene lab results for your specific batch on their website which I think is really cool and should be a craft cannabis standard). It’s almost an offensive smell in how dank it is, but for someone like me who personally hates UK Cheese-like smells, I’m surprisingly really digging the funkiness on this one. For those who hate garlic strains, avoid, but if you’re looking for a sweeter, terpier take on the classic GMO, don’t miss this one!



Flavour: 7/10 - While I’m not the best at describing the flavour of the smoke, I can definitely say this leaves your mouth with a slightly musky sweetness. It’s not too bitter or earthy like most indicas tend to be, but could be a bit tastier.



Smoke: 8/10 - The smoke quality is very solid on this one. It was quite smooth, with only a small cough or two to clear my throat after. This isn’t something that makes your eyes water or chest burn or anything like that, so if you have sensitive lungs this is a great option. The ash left in the bowl was salt ‘n peppery, mainly white with black specks in between.



Effect: 9/10 - For just under 21% THC, this is super potent. It took a few minutes after my first bowl to feel anything, but the effects quickly pile on top of each other within 10mins. The first things I felt were a strong euphoria paired with mental fuzziness. It definitely leans more to the indica dominant side with a very tranquilizing full-body stone and mind-melting buzz, yet also provides a slightly paradoxical jolt of physical energy and increase in mental focus that is typically associated with a sativa. It’s a perfect indica-dominant hybrid not in the sense of being middleground and boring, but rather providing the dual extremes of a heavy indica and sativa the same time. One bowl kept my higher tolerance at bay for over 30mins without feeling any need to smoke more. However within that 30mins, it definitely made me hungry and inspired me to listen to some high energy music.



Overall: 8.4/10 - Mule Fuel surpassed my expectations. The $39+tax price point is slightly above midrange, but considering this is craft cannabis that’s comparable to other craft strains that retail for $48+tax/3.5g or more (4.6% terpenes for flower is a lot!), it’s easily justifiable. Due to its very intense and possibly overwhelming effects, I would not recommend this strain to beginners, only more experienced users who have mastered more complex highs and aren’t prone to anxiety/panic attacks. I love this strain for how particularly mind-bending and bi-polar it is, but it’s not the kind of strain I would recommend to someone looking to calm their mind after a stressful day. This is something I would ideally smoke in the late afternoon before dinner to amp myself up while gaming, or while doing chores around the house, to then segway in to a well-deserved meal afterwards. I would definitely buy this again, and think you should try it too!





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