Flower Review - Simply Bare - BC Organic Lime Mi'jito

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Reviewed by the POTery's Potanist: Chris

Product Name: BC Organic Lime Mi'jito
Producer/Brand: Simply Bare 
Strain: Lime Mi'jito (Sativa)
Lineage: Limegerian x Orange Blossom Trail
Listed Terpenes: Terpinolene,Trans-Caryophellene, Beta-Myrcene, Alpha-Phellandrene
Quantity: 3.5g @ 48.67(+tax) 21.05% THC

"Our BC Organic Lime Mi'jito is a FVOPA certified, sativa-leaning flower that is a cross of Limegerian x Orange Blossom Trail cultivars. The strong lime aromas are complimented by floral and earthy undertones. Grown in living soil, hang dried for 14 days, cold cured and non irradiated."

Visual/Bag Appeal - 8/10 - I’m sorry blue dream, but step aside…first things first, this container had 2 medium nugs and 3 small. Dense buds, a tad dryer than I would prefer from them. Darker green in hue, speckled with light green and subtle orange all in a glass jar which retains quality.

Aroma - 10/10 - Right away you are met with a sour note upon cracking the jar which I was a little averse to but as I continued my deep inhale, the sourness became bright as a bold, almost candy like lime aroma erupted with a sweetness to make you smile. Once breaking up the flower, you are met with a punch in the face of lime detergent and a fluffy mound what I would consider perfect rolling consistency. 

Flavour - 10/10  -The smoke was super duper smooth (yeah I said duper) with white ash and a clean burn throughout. The aromas described took backstage in flavour with and earthiness in the forefront of every pull. 

Smoke - 10/10 - As I smoked, one could almost not even realize they are getting high as the initial feeling was as if I was ascending into a ufo pulling by a tractor beam of light. I was lifted for sure. My vision became brighter and there was a subtle sensation developing behind my face, letting me know that this is only the beginning. 

Effect - 10/10 - As time went on I felt my body energizing and my mind zeroing in on whatever the task at hand was. With my training, the breathing was in complete sync with my movements and the speed I was exercising felt effortless and smooth. When playing a game, I focused in like no other time before as my mind was light and able to adapt to the circumstance. The high was rather long, still feeling it’s effects after 2.5+ hours and the transition to sobriety was seamless. I used to think blue dream was a great focus strain but after smoking this, there was significant improvements to the experience. 

Overall - 9/10  - The main thing was that my body was not nearly as weighted as it feels on blue dream. My visual and focus on Lime Mi’jito was an expanded one, opening my peripherals and brightening my visual. In contrast blue dream delivers a feeling of tunnel visual, with more pressure in the head. This is a strain I would definitely buy again but not for everyone. This is my preferential high. I will say that it could have been a bit high moisture content but it’s levels did not ruin the experience in the slightest.




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