Flower Review - Simply Bare Organic Apple Toffee

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Flower Review - Simply Bare Organic Apple Toffee at The Potery

Reviewed by The POTery Potanist Chris


Simply Bare Organic Apple Toffee

This BC Organic Apple Toffee is a FVOPA Organic Certified hybrid with a slight indica leaning. Visually this cultivar has has big, thick leaves surrounding slightly fluffy-looking, yet dense buds. With a lineage of Sour Apples and Crème Brûlée you get an interesting combination of kushy and fruity, sweet aromas - you can almost smell the apple. Grown in living soil, hang-dried for 14 days and placed in a recyclable glass jar.

Packaging: Solid glass jar coated with soft color palette. Under the thick plastic lid is a seal to help keep the enclosed bud fresh. A recyclable container but I will be keeping personally just for reuse. The jar is not too big which I appreciate, as there is less room for oxygen to degrade the product or for the bud to bounce around.

Quantity: 3.5g @ $54.60(+tax) w 19.04% THC

First Impressions: As with all Simply Bare products I have experienced, these buds are large and extremely dense. This strain is darker in color from the abundance of amber pistils present. The sweet smell does come from this bud although in comparison to Simply Bare's Organic Blue Dream, the aroma is more subtle and does not fill the room quite the same.

Medium: Spliff/Bong

Taste: Organic Apple Toffee has a very earthy flavour profile to me with ultra subtle sweetness. The smoke is extremely smooth, making the taste more palatable.

High: Perhaps it is due to the smoothness of the smoke but this high was a creeper, functional in a sedative way. I had just enough time to finish what I had to do for the rest of the day before embracing the relaxation this strain delivers. Sleep was a knockout and woke up feeling well rested.

Overall Score: Out of a rating of 10, I would rate this 8/10. A true organic experience, my disappointment resides in the subtleties of this strain and not packing the same aromatic and flavour punch that is with other strains from this producer. This coupled with the price makes me appreciate the experience yet wish not to buy again. I would however recommend this as a treat to someone who enjoys indicas as well as having the appreciation for high quality cannabis production.




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