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Flower Review - LBS Sunset

Author: The Potery | | Categories: flower , Recreational Cannabis , strain , Weed

Flower Review - LBS Sunset at The Potery

Reviewed by The POTery Potanist Kyle

Sunset is a frosty, indica-dominant strain with dark green colouration and medium-sized buds. This strain was selected for its wide range of terpenes that might leave you thinking you just opened a jar full of spicy peppers and cloves."

Packaging: 1g sealed within a lightweight, metal, white in colour, child proof container.

Taste: Upon first opening the packaging, the aromatics were a blend between both spicy and citrus scents. When ignited, the cannabis denoted more of a spicy and earthy flavour.

High: I felt incredibly calm and collected. Although I personally had a bunch of stress from school on my mind, I was able to relax after getting high with this strain. I would also certainly suggest getting food ready before you get high as I experienced “the munchies” quite often. 

Overall Score: The weed itself still kept its freshness even after being packaged for a couple weeks. The green/yellow buds were heavily encrusted with kief as well which aided in enhancing the high. I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone looking to mellow out, especially after a long day!




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